About the Author

Drew Beatty has been writing fiction seriously since the birth of his first son four years ago. His works have appeared in Aphelion-Online, Alien Skin Magazine, and Sinister Tales. Additionally, his first two novels are available as audiobooks on Podiobooks.com.

In addition to his writing, Drew has been branching out into the field of Internet Audio and Podcasts. He has recorded a short story for Sci Phi, The Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasty, a segment for Mur Lafferty’s Tales from the Third Wave, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the upcoming “Great Documents” project at Podiobooks.com. He has also appeared on Horror Addicts, and enjoys doing voice work for fellow podcasters.

He also writes a monthly podcasting column for Popsyndicate.com, and is working on a series of artices for Dad-O-Matic.com as well.

When not writing, Andrew works as a teacher, reads too much, and juggles babies. Not literally, but sometimes it feels that way.

What Others Have Said

Drew Beatty is a talented author from Ontario, Canada. I first came into contact with the man after seeing his first podcast, White Trash Land, up on Podiobooks a year or so back. I gave the first episode a listen and was in stitches. Since then he has been lingering around podcasting circles and more recently released the urban fantasy novel, The Lost Gods, in podcast and serialized PDF. Nice guy. Great writer. Brilliant mind.
Dianne Owens

What People Are Saying About Lost Gods

Very creative, fresh. Interesting innovative and compelling characters. I look forward to each new release. Keep it up!
Barry B.

This is a great story! IBarry said it all so I will just thank you for writing a great story.
John A.

I gotta say… I really enjoyed this one… Original, interesting, all around entertaining. Keep it up…
Synaptic Jam

This is a really fun, funny, great book! Everyone should listen!

Lost Gods is a very fun listen. It is what I like to call entertainment in my ears. It is full of very creative, with fresh ideas, an interesting plot line and compelling characters. I would have liked to see a little bit more characters development and maybe a past for the characters. I wonder if the author has thought of a prequel. The story line was great through and Drew Beatty had has a good voice for the story.
The Lone Wolf

Totally Scary!

The gods live as shadows among us. Anansi is now a con artist. A scheme with fellow trickster Coyote becomes a desperate race against time.

Lost Gods, a new twist (or twisted) look at ancient and newish gods in a fun story about the end of the world. Well done, sir.
Thomas Reed

What People Are Saying About White Trash Land

I really enjoyed it. One always has to wonder what happens to retired pro wrestlers. Never would have though there could have been such an adventure in a mobile home park. Flashes of Jerry Springer come to mind, this story definitely had all the makings of a Jerry Springer show, yet it was so much higher quality than any of that. Can’t wait to see what you produce next.

Thanks for White Trash Land. I really enjoyed it.

“Andrew Beatty writes a fairly interesting story. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but Andrew reminds me of a blog novel written by Billy Jones.Both of them have the ability to make a characters boring life interesting to the reader without adding unrealistic adventure (at least thus far).”

“(Y)ou’re a joy–to this reader anyhow who enjoys the old movie talk. Give me a villain with a little style any day. And a believable heroine, and those great clipped sentences that cut deadwood right out of the star system! Humour, dry with tongue in cheek is certainly this reader’s cup of tea.”

“Wow, what a fun story to read. The first person narrative was a great fit the easy going, hard luck story. I poked through a lot of stories to find this one, but the wait was worth it. I had a lot fun reading the piece.”

“I enjoyed reading Double Love very much. It was one of the best Critters stories I have seen in a long time. Thanks for submitting it for critique.”

“In the end, the story had me thinking about what makes an individual tick. And any story that gets me thinking in a profound manner is good story, in my humble opinion. “

“I loved your story despite my best efforts not to. I found the gritty details, particularly the pornographic/exploitative parts disquieting, but that was purely an emotional response (probably a female one as well). It was realistic, that was your intent and you succeeded.”

“It was really a great read.”

“This has got go be the one of greatest short stories I have read anywhere.” (No this person is not on my payroll)

“As I said, this is an incredibly timely story and if you could use it to raise some BIG questions about human experimentation and the nature of being human (vs. technologic), I think it could do quite well.”