Destruction of a Peep (For J.C.)

Good news everyone! I have photographic proof that Peeps, although horrifying, are easy to defeat. In fact, they are powerless to defend themselves against even a one year old boy. Observe the destruction, if you dare:

Peep Attack 1

The terrible Ephraim-beast has caught the Peep firmly in his grasp. There is no escape possible for the Pinkus Peepisicus.

After a brief period of playing with his prey, the Ephraim beast devours the Pinkus Peepisicus. Like most larger predators, the Ephraim beast devours his prey whole, bones and all.

Peep Attack 2

Peep Attack 3

Peep Attack 4

Finally nothing remains but the slightest amount of Peep dust, visible around the mouth of the Ephraim-beast.

Now fully sated, the Ephraim-best will usually sleep off his meal and dream of the next hunt.