Are you Infected?

infectedpblogo.gifLots of great Scott Sigler news today. First is the fact that his publisher is being awesome, and letting him give away PDFs of his new book, Infected for the next three days. If you want your own digital version, just click below:

As if that is not cool enough, J.C. Hutchins has an interview with the Master of Horror himself. Don’t miss this week’s UltraCreatives, with Scott Sigler! And of course, don’t forget to pick up the print version of Infected¬† through Amazon!

I totally stole the image from I hope they don’t mind. It was just too great not to use.

  • Drew! You ROCK! Thanks for spreading the word about Scott’s UltraCreatives appearance, and for evangelizing the Sigler cause!

  • Not a problem. If a couple more people check it out because of me, cool. Can’t wait to got my copy!

  • Agreed. Drew ROCKS. Although, I’m going more 80s with this, and saying he RAWKS!

  • Hey, it’s the least I could do!

    Although I do, in my casual, buttoned down sort of way, rock.

    Best of luck and much success!