Ticketmaster can #suckit

So, as you might have been able to guess from my last post, I am really head over heels into Metric right now. So much so that I decided to just throw caution to the wind and order tickets online for their show this weekend.

My wife and I love music, and we used to go to see shows all the time, but after the birth of our children, it’s pretty tricky. The boys are still at an age when they wake up in the night, and if we are not there, they freak out a little, so to make the decision to just go to a big concert, well, that is a big deal.

So, I fire up the web browser, head to ticketmaster, and see the tickets are $37.00 each. Not bad, more than we usually spent, but it is not one, but two band we really like, and (this is important) the show is for charity. Part of the money is going to Covenant House, a great organization that helps runaways here in Toronto. Everybody wins.

I go through the steps, pick 2 tickets, type in the information, everything is great. And then I see the total.


For two $37.00 tickets.

What the fuck? Oh, wait, there is the “Facility Service Charge” of $1.50 per ticket, and of course, the “Convenience Charge” of $7.00 (again, per ticket). Taxes, bullshit, and more crap. $104.00.

Here is where it gets stupid. To have the ability to print out the tickets, thus saving Ticketmaster even the production costs, the mailing etc… would be another $1.75. TO PRINT MY OWN FUCKING TICKETS WITH MY PAPER AND TONER AND EVERYTHING!

At this point I said fuck it. It’s not worth it. And I’m not paying ticketmaster over $100.00 for two $37.00 tickets. Covenant House will not get their share of the proceeds (and with the show not being sold out just a few days before, it seems like I am not the only one thinking like this.)

So, to all the asshats at ticketmaster, screw you. I hope you manage to weather the economic storm.

No, wait, I hope you crash and burn, and ticket sales are reorganized in such a way that the artists prosper, and the fans aren’t bled dry. Sort of like what’s happening in other areas of the music industry.

Are you paying any attention?

PS – Sorry, there is more swearing than usual in this post. I’m annoyed.
Also, I intend to give a donation to Covenant House. They do good work.