Don’t. Miss. This.

7SDescent_cover7th Son: Descent is out in two days.

I remind you of this fact because, frankly, I know of no other author who pours his heart and soul into promoting his work as much as J.C. Hutchins. I manage to do about 1% of what he does, and it knocks me on my ass.

I’m beginning to suspect that the reason J.C. can write such awesome clone material is that he is intimately familiar with the procedure. There must be a few of him running around, brainstorming new ideas on how to knock it out of the park yet again.

The story is amazing. The book looks great. You need more of an appetizer? Okay, you can check out the first part of the book here.

Listen to the damn promo.

Get yourself over to his site and order the book. You can thank me later.