Further Adventures with White Trash Land

In the fall of 2005, Andrew set out to write a novel and publish it chapter by chapter on his blog. This in spite of the fact, that he was in his first year of teaching, and he and his wife had an infant son. Over the next 6 months, the story of White Trash Land slowly unfolded on whitetrashland.com. After Andrew was finished he felt very satisfied that he had finally written his first novel. Nothing further happened for many months.

Enter one generous and(somewhat crazy) brother-in-law. Sean (aka ductapeguy) had drawn Andrew in our families annual Christmas draw. Being a supporter of Andrew’s writing, and of a geekish bent, Sean embarked to record White Trash Land as an audiobook in time for Christmas. For the theme music, he used a song from Andrew’s former band, Swimming. Andrew was quite surprised when Sean presented him with several CDs containing his audiobook on Christmas Day.

Now, White Trash Land has moved to wordpress.com. Andrew and Sean are making arrangements to publish White Trash Land in podcast form in the near future.