Dark Journeys, and a contest!

Anyone who has so much as glanced at my blog will know the huge amount of respect I have for Jennifer Hudock, so I am thrilled to announce that she will be dropping by drewbeatty.com on her very first blog tour!

Pat Pillars had a great idea to do a giveaway for people who comment on the posts. For his giveaway, you have to comment on three blogs, mine is going to be a little more difficult. To help support her blog tour, I have decided I will give away a personally inscribed copy of Lost Gods! What you need to do to win this bad boy is simple. Jenny is going to visit 7 websites on her tour.  Visit the sites, and comment on the 7 blog posts. The most important thing is that you comment on ALL 7 posts! On June 1st, 2010, I will look at the sites in question and compile a list of people who have posted on all of them, and draw their names from a hat, or perhaps a cookie jar. Oh, wait, we broke the cookie jar. Hat it is then.

So, you get to visit 7 cool sites, read or listen to 7 cool interviews, and then get a chance to win a book! By me! That is what we call win-win, people.

Check back in this first week of June to see if you have won! Actually, you should just check back here all the time.

The Dark Journeys Schedule

May 2010

May 14, 2010: Jim – Yes, THAT Jim

May 17, 2010: Edward G. Talbot

May 19, 2010: Morgan Elektra of Trickster Moon Productions

May 21, 2010: Ramblings of English with Chandra Jenkins

May 24, 2010: Paddy’s Wanderings with Patrick Pillars

May 27, 2010: Drew Beatty

May 29, 2010: Scrivener’s Circle with David Sobkowiak and Laura Frechette

  • Sweet! That is so very cool!

  • I am confirming June dates to add to the tour as well, and putting together a Blog Tour T-shirt that is going to have everyone's website addy on it. This has already just begun, and already I am having more fun than one person should be allowed to have!

    I love that you're giving away a personalized copy of Lost Gods. Too bad I can't win it. That'd be sweeeeeet!

  • I broke your hat; I'm sorry.

  • davidsobkowiak

    This is a great contest, and a great way to support Jenny! Way to go!

  • This is truly awesome.

  • Fine then, I'll just pull the name out of the sewer or something!

    God, I loved that hat. (snif)