Join the Colony

J.C. Hutchins will not rest until he has completely reinvented the way people interact with fictional narratives. His latest work, #StillHere is a transmedia storytelling experience unlike anything I have ever seen.

Crafted for the Discovery Channel show “The Colony”, #Stillhere takes you inside the narrative of a wold being devastated by the highly virulent “Nuclear Flu”. What makes it interesting that that it used Facebook as the medium. You log in to The Colony using Facebook connect, so your friends, relatives and coworkers all take centre stage as the Nuclear Flu runs rampant.  It’s horrific and immersive fiction at its best. Join the Colony and see for yourself.

  • jchutchins

    Drew, you rule! Me and the dozens of folks at Campfire (and beyond!) who worked on #StillHere are delighted that you enjoyed it. Thanks for the ultra-kind words and support!