Talking With Tots, Episode #4

Welcome to Talking With Tots Episode Four. The recording of this was a little bit piecemeal, so the quality is not the best. But, it is one of the better conversations we have had in a while, especially when we get to the contents of our ears (last third). Tarquin also divulges the identity of his best friend!

  • Nick name eh?

    Beaty- nicks
    The Solution (as in Drew Beatty and his Solution)
    Alpha regime 😛 (Not serious)

  • Hmmm … well, you can try to come up with a nickname, or just kind of wait and let it happen. “Junkies” came from the fans, not from me, but once it popped up I rolled with it.

  • Oh no, I LIKE Alpha regime!

  • Oh, yeah – it’s all fairly tongue in cheek. But I already have had some good ideas, both here and on Twitter. It’s all just for fun.

    But remember, if you suggest a name, YOU could be in Lost Gods (which would be like, what, number 2 coolest thing after being on the New York Times bestseller list : ) )

    Thanks for dropping by!

  • C. David

    Brilliant…love the idea…

    …what about something playing off the “lost’ aspect like “The Found”…or “The Foundlings”…wait, isn’t that from a movie? Oooo…what about the “Lost Theologians” or just plain “Theos”. “God-ites?” “The Lost”? “The Church of Lost Gods”? The Church of Latter Day Lost Gods”? “The Lost Gods Witnesses”? Or just “The Witnesses?”

    Or we could go a completely different direction and call ourselves the “Beatty-niks” which I just noticed…has been thought of. What about going the hokey direction with “the Beattyls”? “Beatt-o-lytes”? “the Beatt”? “Drewids”?

    Combine the two words “lost” and “gods” and you get “Logs” We are the Logs.

    I’m done…promise.

  • Justin Weich


    I don’t have any more.
    I’ll think though. They will probably end up like “logs”, or “pogs”, or…….

  • Audrey

    I like “The Tricksters”

  • Thanks for all the ideas, people! Keep them coming, this is great!

  • Asher

    The Tricked? (Based upon the tricksters)