Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is haveing a wonderful holiday season. In our household we are still figuring out how best to celebrate the season. I was able to find a beautiful tree this year, and we spent part of today getting some new ornaments at Ten Thousand Villages, an amazing store that sells fair trade crafts. Some amazing things there.

After that, we recorded a brief Christmas message. Enjoy.

Talking With Tots, Episode #4

Welcome to Talking With Tots Episode Four. The recording of this was a little bit piecemeal, so the quality is not the best. But, it is one of the better conversations we have had in a while, especially when we get to the contents of our ears (last third). Tarquin also divulges the identity of his best friend!

Talking With Tots, Episode #3

A special snow theme, since the snow has hit Toronto like a fluffy white fist the past few weeks.