A Story for the Kids

The Noble Adventures of TickleiaMy son has a small doll that he has had since birth, which we call the Tickle Fairy. Since he was a teeny tiny man we would use her long, soft hair to tickle him. It was one of the first things that ever made him laugh. As part of Tarquin’s birthday celebrations I wrote up a story about her that I told him one night while trying to coax him to sleep.

I have decided to release this story as a free to download, Creative Commons PDF. I hope you enjoy it. It’s not the second coming of J.R.R., but I had fun making it, and want to share it.

A word about the photos: As part of the project I had Tarquin take the pictures of the fairy and the dragon. A few of them were taken by me, but most were his shots.

Download it here.