Destruction of a Peep (For J.C.)

Good news everyone! I have photographic proof that Peeps, although horrifying, are easy to defeat. In fact, they are powerless to defend themselves against even a one year old boy. Observe the destruction, if you dare:

Peep Attack 1

The terrible Ephraim-beast has caught the Peep firmly in his grasp. There is no escape possible for the Pinkus Peepisicus.

After a brief period of playing with his prey, the Ephraim beast devours the Pinkus Peepisicus. Like most larger predators, the Ephraim beast devours his prey whole, bones and all.

Peep Attack 2

Peep Attack 3

Peep Attack 4

Finally nothing remains but the slightest amount of Peep dust, visible around the mouth of the Ephraim-beast.

Now fully sated, the Ephraim-best will usually sleep off his meal and dream of the next hunt.

Happy Easter Everyone!

As an atheist, I am torn around religious holidays. My family is religious, and in fact my dad is an Anglican minister. And here I am, an atheist. Talk about uncomfortable.

My problem really isn’t with my dad, we found our peace a long time ago – it’s with my children. My wife and I did very little to celebrate the holidays until we had kids. Now, they see the decorations, go to the family parties and know SOMETHING is going on, so we have incorporated more and more traditions into our routines. Today we made easter eggs, that sort of thing.

But, it’s wholly separated from¬† religion, which is how I prefer it. I wonder it at some stage my kids will start to ask questions about religion, and how long until they become curious? What will I do then? I don’t know. I like to think I have a bit of a spiritual side, but I’m not sure what I will do then.¬† Any ideas?