Now I’m on the cloud (9)

Tarquin and the EEESome time ago I wrote about the Macbook Air in slightly disparaging terms, wondering about the usefulness of cloud computing what with the Intertubes getting all messed up in the future.

But then I found myself in need of a simple, small and affordable laptop so I could write and podcast easily wherever I happen to be. The price tag of the Air ensured that that would not be an option, so I looked around for an alternative.

That’s when I found the ASUS Eee PC. My wife, being amazing, kind, supportive, and realizing that she would be up for a lot of whining, got it for me for father’s day (a little early, yes, but we are busy next week!)

First off, this is an amazing little machine. I am not at all used to Linux, but I had it up and running and ready to go within minutes. The interface is easy to use, well laid out and the built in applications are fun. Even with no prior knowledge, I was able to install extra applications not supported by ASUS (Audacity) and have it up and running quickly and easily. The keyboard and screen are small, so that is an adjustment, but not impossible to use, and much better than my old Palm Zire!

The media support is excellent. My son was very curious about the machine, and wanted to watch an episode of Dora on it. I was able to get him up and running within minutes, and he happily watched the show on the tiny screen, without concern for the size, although he described the process as being “a little weird.”

All in all, this is a rugged little powerhouse of a machine that serves my needs perfectly. I am really looking forward to tinkering around a little more, playing with Linux, and having some fun.