In which I realize I make as much as an Avenger

As I was sweeping the kitchen floor today, I had a sudden realization. I currently make around the same salary as the Avengers did, circa 1985.

Let me explain. Back when I was a somewhat nerdy child, there was nothing I loved more than Spider-Man. I couldn’t get enough of him – he is still my all-time favorite superhero, and I am currently indoctrinating my children to be fans of Spider-man as well. Tonight, for no discernible reason, I remembered a particular storyline that had Spider-man down on his luck and looking to join a superhero team to make the rent. One of the teams he approached was the Avengers, but he was quickly shown the door.

Captain America, the leader of the Avengers at that time, happened to mention to Spidey how much being a member of the Avengers paid. I remember thinking at the time that they must have been super rich to make that kind of money!

Today, I realized that I am making Avengers money. Roughly speaking, not accounting for inflation, or exchange rates, I make around the figure that Captain America mentions. And let me tell you, I am really not rich. I seriously hope that they had tax free status, or could at least write off things like their costumes and wear and tear on their vehicles as business expenses. I mean, the Hulk would have gone through his salary on new pants in a week! I really hope he got a per diam.

So, there you have it. I am making Avengers money now, like a grown up. I wonder how I can make Iron Man money? Because he had all the toys.