Join the Colony

J.C. Hutchins will not rest until he has completely reinvented the way people interact with fictional narratives. His latest work, #StillHere is a transmedia storytelling experience unlike anything I have ever seen.

Crafted for the Discovery Channel show “The Colony”, #Stillhere takes you inside the narrative of a wold being devastated by the highly virulent “Nuclear Flu”. What makes it interesting that that it used Facebook as the medium. You log in to The Colony using Facebook connect, so your friends, relatives and coworkers all take centre stage as the Nuclear Flu runs rampant.¬† It’s horrific and immersive fiction at its best. Join the Colony and see for yourself.

Interview With J.C. Hutchins Up

hutch_clone_smallI recently had the pleasure of chatting with J.C. Hutchins, author and podcaster of the 7th Son Trilogy, about Personal Effects: Dark Art, his print novel debut from St. Martin’s Press.

During the interview J.C. shares some cool details about the making of the transmedia experience that is Dark Art, some podcasting tips, and his vision for the future of print novels. The whole interview is available on as this months Podiowaves column. Please check it out.

Are you Infected?

infectedpblogo.gifLots of great Scott Sigler news today. First is the fact that his publisher is being awesome, and letting him give away PDFs of his new book, Infected for the next three days. If you want your own digital version, just click below:

As if that is not cool enough, J.C. Hutchins has an interview with the Master of Horror himself. Don’t miss this week’s UltraCreatives, with Scott Sigler! And of course, don’t forget to pick up the print version of Infected¬† through Amazon!

I totally stole the image from I hope they don’t mind. It was just too great not to use.