The Sweet Irony of Twitter

I love all the different perspectives one can find on Twitter. I came across this one-two punch last night while scanning the Tweets. It made me think about different ways one can use tools.  Jason isn’t always this gloomy, but I just thought it was an interesting counterpoint to Keith and his new venture.

What about you? Do you find your online presence becoming more gloomy as the economy gets worse?

True Gentlemen of Social Media

You know, I really think that Keith Burtis’ momma raised him right.  Time and time again this guy goes above and beyond the call of duty to help out people in need, using his God-given talent to help out those in his community.

Case in point, Dave Delaney. Now Dave is a social media strategist, working in Nashville. He has suddenly found himself without access to a laptop, which is a crummy position to be in when you are trying to woo and impress clients. So, one of the cool things he is doing is selling a one of a kind playing card that was created for his “8000th Tweet” video. You can check it out on eBay. Go, now. I’ll wait.

Welcome back.

Keith Burtis, being the stand up guy he is, wanted to help Dave. So, tonight only, Keith is going to do a live turing and auction of a special piece, all proceeds going to Dave. You can read about it here, and check out Keith on Blog TV here.

It’s amazingly cool to see people like Keith who are so about community, the first thing they think of when they read that a friend is is trouble is “how can I help.” That is what community is all about.