Lost Gods eBook Deal!

More and more of my friends and fellow podcasters are selling their work at Smashwords.com, and for good reason. When you purchase a book there, you are getting it in any eBook format you want. Your story is readable on every eReader that I know if. There is no DRM, so you can have a copy on your home computer, your laptop, your smart phone, hey, even your iPad if you got one of those.

It’s a good deal is what I am saying.

I’d have been buying a bunch of eBooks there, but I would like to do more to support my friends. So here is the deal, if you buy a Smashwords book from the following list of authors, email me, and I will send you a coupon so you can get the Smashwords version of Lost Gods for only 99 cents, and I will throw in my short story Double Deal for free!

So, buy any story, email me, get a novel and another story for only 99 cents.

Here are some people you can check out:

Scott Roche – Pulp Horror and Fantasy meet and have children that are Scott Roche’s stories.

James Melzer – Canada’s OTHER greatest podnovelist – UPDATE – James reminded me his stuff is all free, so to take part in this deal, just leave him a review. That’s right, get HIS STUFF FREE, review it, and then get MY STUFF FREE (or greatly reduced). What could be better than that?? Free CANADIAN fiction!

Jennifer Hudock – Urban Fantasy, Zombies, what more could you want?

John Mireau – Canada’s OTHER OTHER greatest podnovelist, SF master.

Paul Cooley – the Feindmaster himself.

Nobilis Reed – He brings the spice to the party. Spice is a euphemism for erotica, just so we are clear. UPDATE – Nobilis has a whole page at his site dedicated to where his stuff is for sale, so if you get ANYHTHING from him from ANYWHERE, let me know and I will include you in the deal! Check it out here:  http://nobiliserotica.com/site/book-index/

Xina Marie Uhl – The book is called Necropolis. What else do you need?

Cheryl Dyson – This one has a gauntlet. A THROWN gauntlet. Go check it out.

Made In DNA – He lives in Japan.  JAPAN, people. And he writes about Hyperviolence and Sex. At the same time.
So, support your friendly hardworking neighbourhood author, and get some fiction from me! Just drop me a line at drewbeatty at gmail dot com, and I will send you your coupon code!

New Music From the Hold Steady

Anyone who knows me, or who has read Lost Gods, knows how important The Hold Steady is to me. I am pretty sure they are the best band making music right now, and I often (or always) listen to them when I am writing.

In Lost Gods, Coyote takes Anansi to a Hold Steady show. That concert experience was lifted from my own expereince seeing the band at the Opera House here in Toronto a few years back:

The lights went down, and the curtains opened, revealing a somewhat motley looking group of musicians in standard rock and roll formation. Drums, keyboard, lead and bass guitar, fronted by a wildly enthusiastic front man. They launched into their first song, a story of booze soaked love and redemption that managed to avoid being cliché, and the crowd exploded. Coyote’s eyes were shining as he looked at the stage, wide with wonder and delight.

“Let’s go down,” he shouted. We swept down the stairs, and immediately felt the wall of heat from the crowd. Coyote, with a carnivore’s instinct for sneaking around unnoticed, lead us in a winding path through the packed bodies, until we were directly in the middle of them. We settled in behind two large indie kids, their shoulders making an inverted proscenium arch through which I had the perfect view of the stage. Song after song, the band played, drank, and communed with their audience. The subject material was dark; people living on the fringes of life, with a tenuous grasp on reality. I could relate. What was amazing is that no matter how dark the song, no matter how bleak the lives of the characters, the singer was so enthusiastic, so happy. The show was like a perfect distillation of joy, for all to indulge in. Joy as the new drug. And the audience was hooked. For over two hours the band played, giving their heart and soul to this celebration of life. It was staggering. Finally, they finished, and we went out into the night.

All this to introduce the new album, streaming below. Enjoy.

I’ll be Interviewed by PodioRacket this Thursday!

Hey Tricksters, some great news. The always awesome folks at Podioracket have decided that I am interesting enough to talk to for an hour! Don’t know where they got that idea from!

I’ll be talking about Lost Gods, White Trash Land, my next endevour, and I will finally announce the winners of the two Lost Gods Contests! 4 copies of Lost Gods will be given out, including the 3 copies with the one of a kind Puck, Coyote, and Judy covers! So listen in, because you might win!

Please join me this Thursday September 24th at 9:00PM Eastern Time on Blog Talk Radio!

Lost Gods Now Shipping!

Lost Gods

Hey everyone, exciting news! After a summer of mucking about, I finally have Lost Gods ready as a print novel! You can get it here:

Purchase Lost Gods

The book is available from Lulu.com, one of the biggest and best Print on Demand sites on the Internet!  The price is $15.50, which I hope you will agree is worth it for my print debut! Some praise the book has received includes:

I can say that this story delivered a whole lot more punch than I was expecting, and did so in clever, unexpected, and thoroughly well-thought-out ways. For sheer “I-never-saw-that-coming” value, this is a winner.
Dan Rabarts

Very creative, fresh. Interesting innovative and compelling characters. I look forward to each new release. Keep it up!
Barry B.

This is a great story! Barry said it all so I will just thank you for writing a great story.
John A.

I gotta say… I really enjoyed this one… Original, interesting, all around entertaining. Keep it up…
Synaptic Jam

This is a really fun, funny, great book! Everyone should listen!

Lost Gods is a very fun listen. It is what I like to call entertainment in my ears. It is full of very creative, with fresh ideas, an interesting plot line and compelling characters. I would have liked to see a little bit more characters development and maybe a past for the characters. I wonder if the author has thought of a prequel. The story line was great through and Drew Beatty had has a good voice for the story.
The Lone Wolf

The gods live as shadows among us. Anansi is now a con artist. A scheme with fellow trickster Coyote becomes a desperate race against time.

Lost Gods, a new twist (or twisted) look at ancient and newish gods in a fun story about the end of the world. Well done, sir.
Thomas Reed

So, please head over to Lulu.com and pick up Lost Gods! If you order more than one copy you can even get a discount, and it’s never too early to think about Holiday gifts!

Interviewed by PopSyndicate!

For those of you who don’t know, in my ample spare time I write
novels. My second novel is being podcasted (like an audiobook) right
now at www.lostgods.ca.

I mention this now because I have been interviewed for a pop culture
website, popsyndicate.com about my latest novel and podcasting and
stuff like that. You can read all about me online @:


It’s a great interview, not that my answers are so brilliant or
anything, but Angela Wilson had some great questions for me.

So, if you are curious, please check out the interview @ Popsyndicate!

Or, if you are thinking “Man, I really see too much of that Beatty!”
you can ignore this link entirely.

Lost Gods Bitstrips!

Hey everyone, I got a very cool thing today! One of my friends on Twitter, @treed, is a Bitstips enthusiast. He has been listening to Lost Gods, and is enjoying is so much that he decided to make up a comic for it! Check it out:

This is what I love about both Creative Commons and podcasting. If I was a copyright freak, I would not be able to enjoy amazing creations like this, and if I wasn’t podcasting, treed would never have heard the stories! Its a very cool thing.

Just a reminder that everything I do is CC, so if you want to create something from any of my works, be it White Trash Land, Lost Gods, a short story, something here, remember to feel free, just let me know so I can share it!

My First Ever Press Release

I’m trying new things to get the word out about Lost Gods, so I wrote an actual press release for it. My first ever:

Kweku Anansi is just another member of the African diaspora, trying to make a place for himself in his adopted home of Toronto, Canada. He dreams of better days, of a time when he could be stop running small time cons just to make the rent. He dreams of the life he used to live, centuries ago when he was revered as a god.

A chance encounter with a fellow con man with a dark and secretive past of his own, plunges them both into the dark world of the lost gods, gods who would do anything to be worshiped again. Including destroying the world, if necessary.

How far will Anansi go to reclaim his godhood? What will he give up to have true power again? The answers can be found in “Lost Gods”, a new weekly podcast novel from author Drew Beatty. Premiering November 20th, 2008 on www.lostgods.ca, this podcast novel will show the world what happens to those gods who are forgotten.

Drew Beatty is a Podcaster based in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from Brock university with a degree in Film Studies, and also holds a Bachelor of Education . His work has appeared in Aphelion-Online, Alien Skin Magazine, and Sinister Tales. As well, his first novel, White Trash Land, was produced as an podcast novel, and was released by Podiobooks.com, where it reached the number one position on the weekly charts. He is also the host and writer of TCON-Pulse, a podast devoted to the largest fan run Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in Toronto. Visit Drew online at www.drewbeatty.com.

I am sending out through PR.com – I will post how it goes. I would love to hear thoughts and suggestions!

Lost Gods Banners, Posters and Avatars!

Hey everyone. I have been busy like mad making up some nifty Banners, Avatars, and Posters for Lost Gods. By all means, feel free to copy them, use them and help spread the word about Lost Gods.

Here are some Avatars, perfect for using with Twitter, or whatever.

Coyote Avatar

Puck Avatar

Anansi Avatar

Next up, the banners:

Anansi Banner

Coyote Banner

Puck Banner

Finally, some posters. These are smaller sized, so the fonts look off. When you download them, they will look correct.

Anansi Poster

Coypte Poster

Puck Poster