Welcome Squidboy!

So, I have been meaning to write about the awesomeness that is Mur Lafferty`s Podcast Novel “Playing For Keeps” for awhile now, but I was waiting for to announce some exciting news. On the companion piece “Stories From the 3rd Wave”, Mur has been soliciting fan based recordings. There has been some great stuff there, and some awesome music. I couldn’t resist having the opportunity to play in someone else’s backyards, so a few weeks ago I recorded a short “Interview” with a hero that sadly has been overlooked in Mur’s novel. I sent it off, and low and behold, this week it has appeared in the feed!

 So, if you haven’t been listening to Playing For Keeps, you should be. Or, if you just really want to hear my little contribution, you can check out the episode here.