6 Songs in 6 Days #6

Nothing more to say, really. This is the last song we managed to record on that hot September night many years ago. This is perhaps one of my favourite songs from the set. Such a wistful feel to it. It’s called Waiting for June. Sort of silly to share it at the end of August, but there you go.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. If you liked anything, fell free to copy it, share it, listen to it. I’m not the RIAA!

6 Songs in 6 Days #4

Got a little off track while on vacation at a cottage. But here we go with another song!

This one is called Smaller all the Time. I think it was written be Kathleen. Enjoy!

6 Songs in 6 Days #3

I never said they would be 6 consecutive days!

So here is song number three, this is a rocking tune written by Kathleen Reichelt, who is also an accomplished playwright.  She is also a co-founder of The Garage Collective, part of a group  of artists who turned a typical downtown Toronto garage backing out onto an alley into an independent art space for installation, performance and play. It is very cool, as is this rocking good song from that sweaty September night many years ago. This was our final song of the night, and we blew a speaker playing it. We were a little upset that we did not come in at the same time for the Coda, after nailing it time after time in practise. Oh well. I hope you enjoy it.

6 Songs in 6 Day #2

Here is the second song for 6 Songs in 6 Days. This one is called Days Away, and it was written by the multi-talented Kim Collins, who now designs and makes her own jewellery! So if you are looking for something special, check out her site.

This song has some of my favourite bass playing. Not that I was great at it or anything, but I had a lot of fun with what I did here. Some nice melodic touches, I think. I hope you enjoy it.

Random Fiction With Drew #2

Welcome back to Random Fiction With Drew, where I share a rough, raw segment of story that is kicking around in my brain.  Nothing complete, nothing polished, just a little snapshot.  Here we go.

Henry looked around the concert hall, feeling uneasy. Once upon a time a place like this would have been his second home, as comfortable and familiar as his own bed, but that was many years ago, before his problems began.

He scanned the crowd, hoping to see some people older than he was. Of the thousands of people waiting for the show to begin, Henry was probably the oldest, except for a few parents scattered throughout the hall, escorting their underage kids to the all ages concert.  The  lights dimmed, and an excited murmur went through the crowd. This was it, the beginning of the show.

The curtains opened and the stage lights shot bright white beams into the audience. The murmur became a roar as the guitarist hit the first crashing chord, the bass player and drummer added their rhythm. Henry could feel it thudding in his chest, could feel the adrenaline surge though his body, filling him energy. He drank in in, the sights the sounds, everything, like a junkie getting a fix after a too long dry spell. It took him back twenty years, to university, his misspent youth filled with nights like this.  The audience became Legion as they were connected by the music, throbbing and jumping as though one giant entity. Henry joined the dance, feeling the weight of the years slide off him as the music washed over him. The lights strobed, alternating darkness and light in a frenzied pulse.

From the back of the hall a lone figure moved forward, sidling up to a point just behind  Henry. There was flash of steel, strobe lights reflecting off the blade of a thin knife as it slashed through the air towards henry’s back.

He spun, caught the arm of his assailant at the last second, and twisted, feeling the satisfying crack of bone under his hands.

It would appear that his problems were back again.

This one actually starts of as a true story. My wife and I won tickets to a concert at the Sound Academy here in Toronto a few weeks ago. While I spent a lot of time seeing shows when I was younger, it is harder these days, what with children and responsibilities. We felt a little bit awkward at the show, as the crowd was generally a lot younger than us, but we had a good time. No one tried to stab us, at least.

So, any clues as to the problems Henry faces? Share ideas in the comments if you want!

6 Songs in 6 Days #1

Hey people,

So some of you might know that once upon a time I was in a band. I played bass for a rock and roll combo called Swimmin’, and while we never had the same sort of success that say, U2 had, it was still a great experience.

When my brother-in-law Sean was making the podiobook of White Trash Land for me, he used one of the songs as the bed music.  Recently I had a request from a fan (I have some of those, really!) who wanted to know where he could get it.

Well, here it is.

The track was recorded live at the Cameraon House, one sweaty September day almost 8 years ago now. Time has passed, and the recording was not perfect, but if you are interested you can listen to a track a day over the next 6 days. I hope you enjoy.