This blog has been quiet this week, and I feel I should explain. I had originally planned to post something every day, or at least every other day, to keep the content fresh and to have new things in the feed all the time. In doing so, I published some less than stellar material. And that is not cool.

I discovered when I write about things I am passionate about, it gets results. It gets comments, links, builds community, and makes for a much better experience for everybody. Except for the people who disagree with me. So I have a new rule now. I’m not going to write about something I am not passionate about, or at least very interested in. I have a few other projects on the go; my second novel is almost finished, my dad’s book is ready for printing, I have a new podcast idea, lots and lots of things are going on. So, if you don’t see me around here, it’s not that I have faded, I’m just being more selective about what I post. You can always check me at Twitter. I always have time for Twitter.

Oh yeah, go buy Infected. It’s amazing. See, I’m passionate about supporting the community.