What I Have Learned From Twitter

tweeterTwitter is a marvellous tool. You can get to know people, make friends, business connections, and discover more and more about the world than you ever knew possible. I’m not just talking about Twitter as a tool for the instant transmission of news stories, as it is evolving into, rather the smaller things that you pick up talking to people from all over the world.

The past few weeks I have learned many things from my friends on Twitter. For example, @jennybeanes tweeted a couple of weeks ago that she was going to have a Birch Beer and then record an episode of her Goblin Market podcast. I sent her a message that alcohol before recording is usually not a good idea. She replied that Birch Beer is not an alcoholic beverage, it is something akin to sarsaparilla. Hey, I’m Canadian, up here if it’s not root beer, it’s alcoholic.

Another example is the phrase “to blat”, which apparently is Kiwi for zipping, or driving around the city. Thanks to Phillipa Ballantine for introducing me to that. I had no idea. In Canada to blat is a rude noise that one avoids doing in mixed company.

Finally, from Michele Bekenmeyer come the concept of Oatmeal pie. Sounds yummy, and also it’s a great thing to shove down a rude co-worker’s throat while karate chopping her in the neck.

So, let’s put this all together, shall we?

I had a snack of oatmeal pie and birch beer before blatting around the city with my awesome Twitter friends!

Double Trouble

Double TroubleTee Morris and Philippa Ballantine are astonishing authors, amazing podcasters and entertaining marketers. They have an entire world built around the release of their next books, The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant by¬† Tee, and Digital Magic by Philippa. Make sure you are on Amazon.com on 08.08.08 to order these books, and make history!

As part of thier promotional campaign, they are BOTH releasing these books as free PDF downloads, the entire novel, not the first few chapters, not a synopsis, but the entire novels. For free. Right now.

Click here for the Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant.

Now, click here for Digital Magic.

You may ask youself, why are these authors giving away thier books for free? It doesn’t make sense. Well, very little that Tee does actually makes sense, but it this case, it’s perfectly reasonable. More and more authors are discovering the benefit of allowing readers to sample thier wares before making a purchase. Even Neil Gaiman saw an increase in his sales after releasing a free digital version of his novel American Gods. Publishing is changing. These authors, along with people like Cory Doctorow, Scott Sigler and others, are helping to bring the industry into the digital age. And that is the true magic.