Podcamp Toronto 2008 Wrap-Up

Podcamp Toronto 2008 wrapped up over the weekend, but this is my first opportunity to reflect on it. I came away with mixed feelings regarding the event.

The Good

The people behind the scenes of Podcamp worked tirelessly to create a well-organized, eclectic and interesting Camp. The information was always timely, the location was excellent for our needs, and even lunch was great! The sessions were diverse, well prepared, and helpful for users of all levels, from beginners to experts. Chris Brogan kicked things off in great style, presenting an interesting session on Social Media. One telling moment that demonstrated the power of technology occurred when a member of the audience exhorted someone on Twitter to call Chris during his presentation. Moments later his cell phone rang. Chris put Mitch Joel on speakerphone, and they entertained us with a brief chat. Mitch, meanwhile, was watching everything unfold, as the sessions were streamed live on the Internet. It was an interesting moment of technological symbiosis, each tool working together to make it happen. I can only imagine what will happen next year, with the constant advances in technology.

I enjoyed the session I was involved in immensely, and it was great to meet Steve Saylor and chat with him. The audience seemed to be interested and enjoying themselves. If you are curious about this or any other session, they are available online for your viewing pleasure.

The Bad

The only bad part of the event for me was the fact that I was suffering from a miserable cold. I was feeling slow, and sluggish, and not totally in the moment. I had a hard time talking to people, and seeing as one of the main reasons I was there was to meet the people I only know online, this was a dissipointment. I was feeling too out of it to really talk coherently for most of the camp, and I only made it to 1 day.

The Other

It was interesting for me to see how much of the camp revolved around Twitter. I love Twitter, and I use it on a daily basis. Many of the sessions included discussion of Twitter, and most people were actively Twittering the events of the camp. It almost could have been TwitterCamp (which could be a fun evening camp sometime).

I was also surprised by the amount of Macs, iPones, iTouches etc… people had. I know they are becoming more and more popular, but the percentage of Mac users was at least 80%.

The End

In then end I am happy to have gone. I hope I can attend other events like this, and I hope I will not be as sick next time! If a PodCamp happens near you, even if you are not  actively Podcasting, I highly recommend you attend, I’m sure you will find something that will interest you.

Podcamp Toronto This Weekend!

Are you in? Are you coming to Podcamp Toronto this weekend? Well, I’ll be there. Over 400 people are registered to attend, making it even bigger (and hopefully better) than last year. I was supposed to attend PC 2007,  but the surprise early birth of my second son happened as Podcamp Toronto 2007 was starting.  I still think I made the right chioce, being there for the birth and all.

Actually, I’ll even be part of a session, co-hosting an open discussion on Podiobooks, sharing my experiences regarding my first book, White Trash Land, and perhaps discussing some ideas fermenting in my brain for my second novel, Lost Gods. Here are the details:

Producing Audio Books for Fame, Fun and …

Open Panel Discussion authors and audiobook producers

It’s on Saturday Feb. 23rd, in Room 359A at 1:45PM.  I hope to see you there!

Podcamp Toronto 2008
Date: February 23-24, 2008
Place:Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University
80 Gould Street, Toronto