6 Songs in 6 Days #1

Hey people,

So some of you might know that once upon a time I was in a band. I played bass for a rock and roll combo called Swimmin’, and while we never had the same sort of success that say, U2 had, it was still a great experience.

When my brother-in-law Sean was making the podiobook of White Trash Land for me, he used one of the songs as the bed music.  Recently I had a request from a fan (I have some of those, really!) who wanted to know where he could get it.

Well, here it is.

The track was recorded live at the Cameraon House, one sweaty September day almost 8 years ago now. Time has passed, and the recording was not perfect, but if you are interested you can listen to a track a day over the next 6 days. I hope you enjoy.

Social Media Sherpas?

I just read an interesting post over at Social Times. The author recommended becoming someone’s social media sherpa, that is, taking someone close to you and helping them navigate the possibly rough waters of the social web. It is well worth the read, and I think the concept is valuable.

Learning to use tools like Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon are not very difficult, but for a first time user, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Having someone to point you in the right direction, even if just for a short time, can be a great assist. I had my own Sherpa, the Duct Tape Guy Sean McGaughey. In turn, I am helping a friend do the same. I helped his set up his blog, RSS feeds, and introduced him to Twitter. He is producing content nearly every day, and is reaching out and discovering his audience. It is amazing to see him become such an active user, and embrace these new technologies.

I also found it a valuable exercise – I had forgotten some basics of setting up a blog. I am working on a soon to be announced project that will use several different blogs, and going over the setup refreshed some tricks and tips for my own use later on. There are possibly of different reasons why this would be a valuable service. So, stop an moment and think – who helped you?  And who can you help?