Lost Gods

Lost Gods

Lost Gods was my second novel.  You can find it online in a number of places in different formats.


You can download it from Podiobooks.
Or iTunes.

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About the book
Kweku Anansi is just another member of the African diaspora, trying to make a place for himself in his adopted home of Toronto. He dreams of the life he used to live, centuries ago when he was revered as a god. A chance encounter with a fellow con man with a dark and secretive past of his own plunges them both into the dark world of the lost gods, gods who would do anything to be worshiped again.


Very creative, fresh. Interesting innovative and compelling characters. I look forward to each new release. Keep it up!
Barry B.

This is a great story! IBarry said it all so I will just thank you for writing a great story.
John A.

I gotta say… I really enjoyed this one… Original, interesting, all around entertaining. Keep it up…
Synaptic Jam

This is a really fun, funny, great book! Everyone should listen!

Lost Gods is a very fun listen. It is what I like to call entertainment in my ears. It is full of very creative, with fresh ideas, an interesting plot line and compelling characters. I would have liked to see a little bit more characters development and maybe a past for the characters. I wonder if the author has thought of a prequel. The story line was great through and Drew Beatty had has a good voice for the story.
The Lone Wolf

Totally Scary!

The gods live as shadows among us. Anansi is now a con artist. A scheme with fellow trickster Coyote becomes a desperate race against time.

Lost Gods, a new twist (or twisted) look at ancient and newish gods in a fun story about the end of the world. Well done, sir.
Thomas Reed

  • calicorn

    is this at all like american gods?