White Trash Land

White Trash Land

White Trash Land was my first novel.  My brother-in-law recorded it as an audio book. You can listen to it in various places.

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About the book

Chuck Mitchell thought he had everything –a high powered job, a beautiful girlfriend, an exclusive condo on the Toronto waterfront, but the death of his long-lost father plunges him in to a world he never knew existed. The world of White Trash Land.

After inheriting a trailer park, Chuck’s normally staid life is suddenly filled with an ex-wrestler lawyer, an obsessed Reverend who covets the land the trailer park sits on, a band of Promised Ones who set out to appropriate the park by any means necessary, a corrupt mayor, an old alcoholic and two pretty lesbians who are not exactly as they seem, and a blue haired punk film student who can create miracle inventions out of trash. Not to mention a motorcycle gang, and the mother of a rap wunderkind.

Stir in a bit of conspiracy, a bit of slapstick and a whole lot of Japanese Actuaries, and you have White Trash Land, written by Andrew Beatty and performed by Sean McGaughey.


I really enjoyed it. One always has to wonder what happens to retired pro wrestlers. Never would have though there could have been such an adventure in a mobile home park. Flashes of Jerry Springer come to mind, this story definitely had all the makings of a Jerry Springer show, yet it was so much higher quality than any of that. Can’t wait to see what you produce next.

Thanks for White Trash Land. I really enjoyed it.

“Andrew Beatty writes a fairly interesting story. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but Andrew reminds me of a blog novel written by Billy Jones.Both of them have the ability to make a characters boring life interesting to the reader without adding unrealistic adventure (at least thus far).”