Indigenous Education Pedagogy

Inuit Worldview and the Ontario Curriculum

There are several strategies educators can use to help Inuit students take the best from the past and the best from the present to create a future for themselves based on a solid sense of who they are. Thinking especially of the younger students, I think that the play-based structure of the current kindergarten program could be a useful starting point. This would respect and honour several areas of Inuit culture and reflect it in the classroom. The relative amount of structured freedom would engage the student’s curiosity. Lessons could be built around real-world examples, to help them subtly build necessary skills and work towards having specific responsibilities. Having several kinesthetic-based activities can help them develop competence and dexterity so that they can be given more responsibilities and help contribute to the community as they get older. Of course, having the community, especially elders, involved would be key – they could help pass down traditions, and language while helping to give them extra attention. They could also help to incorporate lessons of respect and having pride for their traditions All of this could be taught with a great deal of humor and fun – having the students experience learning responsibilities to the community while engaging their curiosity in a fun and productive atmosphere would be a great way for them to develop a great sense of who they are and help them create a future for themselves.

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