Pedagogical Symbol

For my Pedagogical symbol, I wanted to focus on the ideas of communication, community while acknowledging the Indigenous communities, specifically in the Toronto area where I reside. I wanted to consider the circular nature of communication, and how one must listen in order to be an effective educator.  I thought about two balanced phrases – Mindful Listening while speaking from the heart. I tried to put these thoughts together in a symbol using translations of indigenous languages. Bizindaage (means listen to people in the Ojibwe language, for the Missisaugas of the Anishinabe), while Kishtikwaan means Head in Michif, the Metis Language. Katátis means Speak in Kanien’kéha (or Mohawk), who were a part of the Haudenosaunee confederacy). And finally, centering it all is the symbol for heart in Inuktutuk.  ᐆᒻᒪᑎ These words all for together in the shape of a Turtle, both as the idea for Truth, and to recognize Turtle Island, our home. I thought it was important to foreground the languages – and although I couldn’t possibly include every Indigenous language, and I realize it is not entirely accurate, the symbolism held together.